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23 Ene
The end of #Comic_INTEF
We are arriving at the end of the NOOC: "Creating a comic". Along these days we have worked hard, shared lots of information and created a community worried about this topic. We have also designed multiple tasks to introduce comics in our lessons.
On January 20th we held the Live Event, a Twitter Chat titled: 'Comic, a powerful tool for our lessons'. Here you are a brief summary about all the questions and the interesting debate that took place online:

super woman
15 Ene
Let's use comics in our lessons!! Let's learn at #Comic_INTEF!!
Today the NOOC “Creating a Comic” starts, a short learning experience in which you are going to learn about the different uses of comics as educational purposes. Comics can offer a wide range of opportunities in our lessons, from just showing a reading to introduce our content to a really powerful assessment tool or a great motivational experience for the student in their learning process.
You may have a look at the main idea of the course through the following video: 

Walking through an Acceptable Use Policy #AUP_INTEF

Without being aware of it we are in the middle of the course about 'Creating an Acceptable Use Policy Form'. Along these days some of the participants have started to walk around and they have done two simple tasks in order to focus their attention on the aim and topic of the NOOC.

11 Nov
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