Today the NOOC “Creating an Acceptable Use Policy Form” starts. It is a learning experience in which you are going to learn what an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) is and how to create this form for your school community. Nowadays ICT is something really common in our schools and lessons, and sometimes with it also come fears and misuses. As teachers, we always try to create safe places without any dangers to our students.

So in a digital area it becomes a must to create safe places into the “digital world” our students are living in. Everything will be easier if we have the Acceptable Use Policy Form. You could have a look at the main idea of the course with the following video:

On Monday, 11th November, at 20:00h (19:00 UTC), we will have the Live Event “An AUP, Important or essential?”. Along this Twitter Chat we will be able to discuss the topic by answering the questions and debating about other colleagues opinion.


If you have not signed up yet, you can do it on the website of the course. By carrying out this course you will work on area 4 and area 2 of the Digital Competence Framework for Teachers. It will help you achieve level C1 of competence 4.2. "Protecting personal data and digital identity", from Area 4: “Safety” as well as level B1 of competence 2.5. “Netiquette” from Area 2: “Communication and collaboration”.

Through the hashtag #AUP_INTEF you can connect with other participants of the course as well as with the facilitator. You may also join our Facebook group or follow the course through the Pinterest Board.