Walking through an Acceptable Use Policy #AUP_INTEF
Nov 11, 2019

Without being aware of it we are in the middle of the course about 'Creating an Acceptable Use Policy Form'. Along these days some of the participants have started to walk around and they have done two simple tasks in order to focus their attention on the aim and topic of the NOOC.

First of all participants have done a thinking routine: The compass, thinking about a video to discover the main points of having an Acceptable Use Policy Form in their communities. Some of their thoughts were written in this padlet.


Hecho con Padlet

Also we proposed the participants to do a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Oportunities and Threats) in order to analyse how their school community is about ICT uses. A great example of it was the SWOT analysis of María Lloret. 


Today, Monday 11th November at 20.00h (UTC+1) we will have our Live Event. It will be the Twitter Chat in which everybody is invited to discuss about different topics like:

  • Do you think AUP should be a school document or something from ICT Teacher?
  • What kind of consequences do you think are appropriate for the ones who break the rules?
  • Is the AUP an important document for the school or do you consider it an essential one?
  • Do you work Digital Identity with your students?
  • How do you think the School Community (teachers, students, and families) can collaborate in the design of the document?

It will start at 8 o’clock (UTC+1) and we will be talking around an hour by using the hashtag of the NOOC #AUP_INTEF. Until that moment you can leave your questions in the different social networks.



Finally remember through the hashtag #AUP_INTEF you may get in touch with other participants of the course as well as with the facilitator. You can also join our  Facebook group of the NOOC or follow the course through the Pinterest Board.